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Brand: Inland
Descripción del producto
Description: Replacement for MEK and Lacquer Thinner. Designed for resin and paint application equipment clean-up. Contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS). 

Part number: EP-921™

National stock number: 6850-01-381-3300:5 gallon can. 6850-01-381-4408:55 gallon drum

Specifications: "NAVAIR: Naval Air Systems Command Technical Manual 01-1A-509-1—Environmentally Compliant Solvent for paint equipment cleaning. U.S. AIRFORCE: Tech Order to replace 1,1,1 Trichloroethane regarding maintenance for the Advance Cruise Missile. ROCKET RESEARCH (OLIN AEROSPACE DIVISION): RRC-M&P-0005, Solu#on 017—Ultra-sonic cleaning and hand wiping. GENERAL DYNAMICS MISSILE SYSTEMS SPECIFICATION: 0-75173—Process specifica-on for spot and seam resistance welding. 5-73509—Process specifica-on for cleaning corrosion resistant steels and nickel based alloys prior to spot and seam resistance welding or manual and machine fusion welding. BOEING AIRCRAFT COMPANY: BAC 5750—General solvent cleaning"

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