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Brand: Inland
Descripción del producto
Description: MILLENNIUM® is a state of the art aqueous solvent system employing Inland Technology's expertise in hybrid chemistry to create a partswashing solution with the cleaning  

Part number: Millennium®

Specifications: BOEING AIRCRAFT COMPANY: Boeing D6-17487-N—Exterior and general cleaners and liquid waxes, polishes, and polishing compounds. DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT COMPANY: Douglas CSD #1: Type 1—Materials and procedures for general exterior cleaning of painted and unpainted surfaces. SAE AMS. AMS 1526B: Cleaner for aircraft exterior surfaces water-miscible, pressure-spraying type. AMS 1550B.Cleaner for interior materials of aircraft, biodegradable, water base. ARP 17755B. Effect of cleaning agents aircraft engine materials. GE/CFM AIRCRAFT ENGINES: Meets requirements for SPM Sec&on 70-21-09. Titanium Alloy and Aluminum cleaning. Passes P3TF47 Class J Penetrant Sensivity Test

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