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Brand: Inland
Descripción del producto
Description: SKYSOL® was specifically designed for the aircraft industry as a hydraulic fluid remover and general solvent cleaner. SKYSOL® is a state of the art solvent designed to help users break out of the tangle of regulations regarding emissions, disposal, and industrial health hazards.

Part number: Skysol®

National stock number: 6850-01-381-4420: 5 gallon can. 6850-01-381-2719: 55 gallon drum

Specifications: "FORD MOTOR COMPANY: Supplier Code R77UA, TOX #1349181 U.S. ARMY: TB 43-0135—Recommended substitute for ozone depleting substances used on communications electronics equipment. APC Tech Message #92—Authorizes SKYSOL® as an environmentally compliant replacement for PD-680, Type I and Type II for cleaning U.S. Army weapons, ground vehicles, equipment, and aviation materials. TACOM—Meets military specification for MIL PRF-680, Type IV"

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